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How to do an oil change? honda civic lx 1998. I got oil an filter?

Alright Sparkles, I like your spunk! Love it when a girl works on her car!

Super easy, you'll need an oil pan to drain the old oil into, about 6 -8 bucks at Walmart. Do this when car has cooled down. Make sure it's parked on a level surface, Find the oil pan (bottom of engine) loosen the oil pan bolt, drain the old oil out, re tighten the bolt( very important) when it has finished draining. You will probably need an oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter, again at Walmart for about 6 bucks. After you loosen the filter keep unthreading it by hand, be careful, do it over the oil pan, it will still be full of oil! Dap a small amout of clean oil on the new rubber gasket on the top of the new oil filter, then tighten back up, by hand, then maybe a little more with the filter wrench, BUT not to tight!

Refill with new oil, 4 or 5 quarts, check your owners manual for the correct amount, don't overfill !, Check the oil dipstick. After all is complete, run and check for leaks! Have Fun!

FYI, you can go online at %26quot; Auto zone%26quot; and get more details and video on how to do it.How to do an oil change? honda civic lx 1998. I got oil an filter?this is how i do it on my car

i let the engine cooled down

jack up the front and put on jack stands

add some GUNK motor flush in my car(this really helps all those junk and sludges in the motor)

start engine and run for 5min

turn off and start taking out the oil drain plug bolt and get a oil pan

drain all oil out and put in back the drain plug(dont have to buy new one everytime, as long as its still good its reuseable)

take out oil filter and install in new oil filter(make sure the gasket of the old one comes out or else you will have a double headgasket with the new filter and blow up your engine)

lower car down

refill in 3qts of 5-30w or 10-30w oil

then check dipstick to the readings where first dot is min and second dot is max(first is bottom second is top) so you wanna get closed to the max so you just keep adding some oil and check your dipstick til you get to that level.

start car and test drive

good luckHow to do an oil change? honda civic lx 1998. I got oil an filter?Bigfoot is mostly right but with a Honda you will want a set of ramps to drive the front wheels up on because the filter is on the back side of the engine across from the firewall.

Also, something else he didn't mention: Always replace the washer under the drain plug and DON'T over-tighten the drain plug. If you do you will eventually mess up the threads on the oil pan and this will cause you a real problem down the road.

Also due to access problems with the filter, the best type of oil filter wrench is a cap type that you would use with a 3/8 inch ratchet. Make sure the wrench fits the brand of filter that you have or will purchase, Not all brands of filters take the same wrench. If you don't know what brand is already in the car you have a slight disadvantage. If worse comes to worse and you have trouble getting the old filter off, you can always drive a screwdriver through it and then twist it off but that is messy. Also when putting the new filter on usually it is sufficient just to tighten it as tight as you can with your hand without using a wrench. Always check for leaks afterward to be sure but I have never had a filter leak that I put on just with my bare hand. And when you take off the old filter make sure the rubber gasket comes off with it. It is rare but occasionally they will stick to the engine and if you put the new filter on with the old gasket still on there it will likely leak.

Other than that follow what Bigfoot said to do.

Follow Honda's recommendations for when to change the oil and what viscosity to use [likely 5W30] every 7500 miles. The 3000 mile oil change is a myth and is unnecessary. to do an oil change? honda civic lx 1998. I got oil an filter?the 1st response was good, follow that. just a heads up tho, the 98 Civic takes 3.7 qtrs of 5w30How to do an oil change? honda civic lx 1998. I got oil an filter?Remove the old oil and than put in new oil.

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