Thursday, September 15, 2011

97 Chevy Monte Carlo Oil Change?

I need to change the oil on a 97 Monte Carlo. I know the basic principals of oil changes - drain oil, remove filter, drain, replace cap, new filter, refill with oil. Specifically I need to know -

Can the oil filter be removed/tightened sufficiently by hand, or is a special tool required, and

How much oil needs to be put in the thing? I know how to check oil levels, but not how to determine how much to put in when changing oil.

I'd gladly take it to a shop, but I cant afford it right now, and I'm sure it hasnt been changed in far too long already. Thanks.97 Chevy Monte Carlo Oil Change?you can hand tighten the heat will help it seal...always put some old oil on the new seal on the did not specify motor size...hard to tell how much you will need a tool to get the old one off....good luck97 Chevy Monte Carlo Oil Change?got an owners manual? usually 5 qts with a filter change is a good rule of thumb. And Hand tight on the filter all a wrench does is make it tougher to take off the next time. (Lube the filter gasket with oil when you put it on.)97 Chevy Monte Carlo Oil Change?More than likely, your oil filter will not be loose enough to take off by hand. They do make several different type of filter removal tools. I have used a screwdriver and pierced the side of filter and then used that as a handle to twist it off.

You can prefill the filter with oil, less than as quart. Myself, I have never bothered to do this. I just pour 5 qts of oil into the engine and then watch the oil gauge when it start the engine and make sure the oil pressure comes up to normal.97 Chevy Monte Carlo Oil Change?It is probably a 3100 engine. It takes 4.5 quarts of oil when you change the oil and filter. The GM filter is a pf 47. You might need a small filter wrench to take the filter off but hand tighten the new one. In most cases you don't save much money by doing it yourself.

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