Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is the technical name for the oil filter spindle?

I recently had an oil change, the guy says the %26quot;spindle that the filter screws onto is slightly stripped%26quot; they did get the filter securely on, but he says the spindle should be replaced. I cant seem to find any for sale online by calling it a %26quot;spindle%26quot; is there some other name for it? How are they replaced and are they expensive? does anyone know?What is the technical name for the oil filter spindle?Please share what the year/make/model of your vehicle is? Some %26quot;spindles%26quot; are casted into the engine block, and can't be changed. Sometimes you can get a tap and die set and chase the threads. It's also called %26quot;cleaning up%26quot; the threads. They usually (if they strip) strip at the very bottom...where the threads start. Cleaning up the threads may save you a pretty penny.
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