Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did they change my oil?

I took my car in for some all-day work, including an oil change. Driving home I noticed there was not a new sticker on the windshield noting when I should get it changed next (the old one was still there). Do you think they forgot to do the oil change?

On the receipt it is spelled out that they changed the oil, filter, etc... But, looking at the dipstick, it seems very dark (how should it look?). I will call and go there on Monday and have them check, but if they did forget and have to do it, should I demand my money back for overlooking something like this? Or is it a simple mistake?Did they change my oil?It is not uncommon to not put a new sticker in the window. As far as the color of the oil, new oil can look dirty even when it is brand new since there is build ups of deposits in your engine. We had a car in today that we changed the oil and ran the vehicle. Checked the dipstick and the oil was just as dirty as the oil we took out. I would recommend stopping back into the shop you were at so that they can check for you and if they did, put in the new sticker. If they didn't do it and you paid for it, they can change your oil for you.

If they forgot to do it, I don't think they did it on purpose, it was an honest mistake. Be nice about it, don't go in raising hell.Did they change my oil?They might have forgotten. Don't call, they won't remember you and just think it's a %26quot;woman thing%26quot;.

Go by the shop and express your concerns, if they did just forget its not a big thing.Did they change my oil?If they indeed changed the oil, you have 2 places to look. Your oil, which you have done already, should be very golden looking, and not dark at all. Your oil filter, should look new as well with no road grime on it.Did they change my oil?Clean oil is light brown and transparent. It was probably a mistake. Take it back and ask them about it. If they don't make it right, find a new mechanic.Did they change my oil?The best way to know is check your oil filter. Is your oil filter or new? Or does it look old like dirty looking? As far as the oil looking dark, that don't mean anything because depending on what oil was used and the thickness of it and etc etc.

Check your oil filter, it should look brand new. As far as knowing for sure if the oil got changed, it's almost nearly impossible to know that for sure. Although more than likely if they went thru the work of changing the ouil filter, than more than likely they went thru the work of changing the oil too!

Hope that helped ya some!Did they change my oil?They may have just missed it. You said it was in for all day work, sometimes several people will work on the same car. For instance, you could have one guy do the engine work, and another do a tire rotation and oil change. I wouldn't take the advice of it being passed off as a %26quot;woman thing%26quot;. Any reputable shop will at least look in to it, by looking at the filter as suggested by another poster. If it was missed, a good shop will do the oil change right then, and probably do your next one free. I own a shop, and that's what I would do.Did they change my oil?IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE THAT THEY OVERLOOKED THE OIL CHANGE. EITHER CALL THEM BACK OR TAKE THE CAR BACK TO THEM AND VOICE YOUR CONCERNS AND OBSERVATIONS. MOST ESTABLISHMENTS WILL NOT ONLY CORRECT THE PROBLEM, BUT ALSO REFUND THE PRICE OF THE OIL CHANGE AS AN ACT OF GOOD CUSTOMER RELATIONS.


GOOD LUCK.Did they change my oil?Checking the filter to make sure it is nice and new is a good place to start. Fresh oil is golden in color, but if you do not change your oil frequently it can get dark and brown/black pretty quick due to the dirt and grime in your engine.

Take it by the shop where you had it serviced and ask them. They should be able to show you the oil was changed (point out your new filter, etc.)

Good luck!

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