Thursday, September 15, 2011

A quick Question about transmission oil and filter ,gasket?

By Changing your transmission oil and filter ,gasket every years will help the transmission last longer? But Some people say if you change the transmission fluids your transmission will break down it this true? How much would you think it will be to change the transmission oil and filter ,gasket at the dealership? The Vechiles is a 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9 with 105k miles, It never had the transmission filter change never!A quick Question about transmission oil and filter ,gasket?Some newer cars don't need to have the transmission fluid changed ever, however on an american car I suggest you do it right away. If you do it yourself the kit will cost about $50 or so at an auto parts store but I suggest you buy the kit at a dealer (some autoparts stores have very cheap gaskets and will probably leak transmission fluid) hope this helps.A quick Question about transmission oil and filter ,gasket?ideal trans fluid and filter change is anywhere between 40k-65k. and no, changing it wont cause damage, however, NEVER attempt a trans flush as it might damage your trans internally due to the high pressure process it undergoes during the process, chances are higher in high mileage engines. for fluid capacity and filter exactness, go to your local auto part store and tell them your vehicles specification (i.e., year, make, model, type of trans, 2wd? 4wd?).A quick Question about transmission oil and filter ,gasket?tranny service depending on area usually runs around 198.67 thats what we charge, now if you've never flushed trans don't do it, tranny fluid is basically a heavy duty cleaner and if you have years of build up it could be holding things together and flushing the stuff out will make things fall apart. but you should have filter replaced, about every year or 15k milesA quick Question about transmission oil and filter ,gasket?Trans oil should be changed every 30,000 miles Transmission parts,as any working device wears with age. These small particles are filtered out by the screen as does an oil filter does for an engine. Also the oils lubricating qualities break down over time. Ideally when you change the trans oil they should drill %26amp; tap the converter with a 1/8 pipe plug. Over half of the oil retained in the converter.

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