Thursday, September 15, 2011

Price for oil and transmission fluid change?

does anyone know about how much it would cost to get my oil and filter and transmission fluid and filter changed at an oil change place? its a 2000 chevy impala 3.8 v6. front wheel drivePrice for oil and transmission fluid change?What ever you do request a transmission fluid and filter change, not a flush. Cars with over 50,000 miles on the odometer should never go for a flush and no filter change. A crankcase oil and filter change AND a transmission filter and filter change shouldn't cost over $165.00 at any new car dealer.

The person who said a transmission flush (no filter) would cost $85.00 apparently hasn't had one lately.Price for oil and transmission fluid change?Look to see if you have a FireStone in your area. Even a walmart w/ service center. Or just get a friend to do the oil change it is soooo easy, look it up at I've never gone to the shop for that but if it is less than $30, I'd say go for it, because the oil and filter alone will cost you abt $20, so it'll be worth it.Price for oil and transmission fluid change?An oil change on that car is simple. Cost should be $20-25.

A trans flush, where they pump out the old fluid and pump in fresh stuff, runs around $60-80 depending on the shop doing the work.

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