Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to change oil in my 1979 Yamaha 1100 Cruiser?

I own a 1979 Yamaha 1100 Special. It runs perfectly but is needing an oil change. I've changed oil in several cars and newer bikes but I'm not sure how to with this old bike, any ideas?

Note: I see one bolt directly under then engine, guessing that is the oil plug but I'm needing to replace the oil filter as well and do not want to take off the wrong thing.How to change oil in my 1979 Yamaha 1100 Cruiser?You guessed correctly for the drain bolt.

The filter is in the front of the engine, just above the oil pan. Look for a large-ish finned cylindrical housing with a large bolt through the middle. Unscrew the bolt and the housing will come off. The filter is inside this housing. Make sure you don't lose the spring and pay attention to which end of the filter goes where. Check the condition of the o-ring between the housing and cranckase and replace it if necessary.How to change oil in my 1979 Yamaha 1100 Cruiser?Also make sure you use 6 point sockets so as not to strip the head of the bolts!!!!!!

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