Friday, June 3, 2011

Problem with an oil change on a Buell Blast 2001...?

I've never changed the oil on anything before so if there's something you're not thinking of because it would be too obvious, please still mention it.

I drained the oil (I was showed how by a mechanic at HD briefly), changed the oil filter, and added oil. However, I added a bit too much oil and decided to deal with this problem the next morning.

When I woke up, a forgot to drain the extra oil so I did that, however, I first attempted to start the bike (because I forgot) and it wouldn't start. I couldn't drain all the extra oil either, I'm guessing since the oil isn't warm, it's not coming out that quickly.

Anyway, my bike won't start anymore. I ONLY touched things to do with the oil. When I turn the bike to ON, the lights come on, but when I try to start it, the lights dim a bit and it whines and won't start. Usually the oil light comes on when it's not started, but now after attempting to start it, it permanently turns off until I turn the bike off and on again.

Any thoughts?Problem with an oil change on a Buell Blast 2001...?open both drain plug and fill plug to let air in then put right amount in . pull spark plugs out and clean they could be oil soaked. make sure you turn the gas on. you could put a teaspoon of gas in each cylinder. before putting spark plugs back in good luck

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