Friday, June 3, 2011

2005 Cavalier... How to change the oil filter?

I bought a 2005 cavalier a couple months ago. I had a '98 before that and an '86 stepside as well. I've always done all of my own work on my vehicles and finally had to take this car in to get the oil changed by someone else. I can't find a Chilton's or Hayes repair manual for it %26amp; from what I've read online and checking out the filters in the stores it has one of those 'green/economic' filters. I was looking for some assistance on locating and taking off/replacing this new 'friendly' filter... Also, wondering if it is in such a back-breaking location at the '98s?

Thanks so much!2005 Cavalier... How to change the oil filter?Open up the hood and it's on the top. You need a 32 socket and an extension to unscrew it. I change about 12 of these a week.

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