Friday, June 3, 2011

About how much for an oil change for VW at dealer?

Can anyone tell me about how much an oil change would run me for a 2005 VW Passat DOHC 4 cylinder? I live in NW Pennsylvania. Wal Mart was going to do it with a fuel injection cleaning for $45, but they do not carry theVW oil filter.About how much for an oil change for VW at dealer?Why do people bash dealerships? As if they were evil personified?

My VW dealer treats me with respect and charges a fair price.

At $45 Walmart will not use the correct oil. This IMO is very important. Use the correct oil and genuine filter. You can run all over town buying oil here , a filter there and then take it to a shop and wait some more.

Why not go to local dealer who knows your car and its requirements best and save time?

My dealer charges $68 [synthetic oil] and half hour later, I'm out. So yes, couple of $ more, but remember; you get what you pay for......About how much for an oil change for VW at dealer?i would say 50 or so.About how much for an oil change for VW at dealer?Twenty five dollars at another place. A manuel will provide information on the oil.About how much for an oil change for VW at dealer?If you have Walmart change the oil, you'll need to buy the synthenic oil change for the vehicle using Mobil 1 European formula.. and you can buy the oil filter and drain plug washer from the dealer. In this area, Walmart charges $55 using a Fram oil filter for their oil change. Its still far less expensive than the dealership; in the Bay Area around San Francisco, dealerships charge from $60+ and more (usually MORE!) for a synthenic oil change for a VW. Hourly rates vary, so at your location it could be more or less; in most cases, less than here in the San Francisco area.

Hope this helps, a car nut.
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