Friday, June 3, 2011

How often do you change diesel oil?

5.9 cummins running mobil 1 15w-40 been changing oil and filter every 3000 miles. I was told by an autozone employee i dont have to change it but every 10000? Whats the deal?How often do you change diesel oil?First you should get the owners manual and read it, No you should not run synthetic since it is not engineered for diesel, When you change the filter you should change the oil, If you change the filter but not the oil, that dirty oil with shorten you oi filters life, And its apparent that the autozone employee is not a dodge mechanic. You wait every 7 or 10 k to change the oil you will fry that engine early

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and this, and use severe duty schedule often do you change diesel oil?7000 is about right...How often do you change diesel oil?Read your owners manual and in the service and maintenance section you will have to schedules, the severe schedule is specified for certain driving habits as is the moderate schedule. most drivers may find that the have a balance of driving habits that could fit into both categories. When in doubt follow the manufacturers recommendations for severe maintenance. However if you are servicing your own vehicle I highly recommend that you keep an date and mileage specific log with appropriate checklists as well as receipts for oils and filters etc...Failure to provide this info can result in losing your manufacturers warranty should a problem ever arise. remember the diesel engine is warranted for If I remember correctly it is 6 years or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. but when in doubt the owners manual is the best resource for information and unfortunately the least read.How often do you change diesel oil?Mobil 1 is designed to go more than 3000 miles. However some of the oil is labeled 10 or 15000 mile oil and others just say mobile 1. The higher mileage says it is different oil but im not sure on that. Now last thing to consider have you owned the truck since it was new? How dirty is the inside of the eng? If you change your oil and its really black even after a new oil change? You may want to consider these things and use your best judgment how often to change it. I run my gas 5.9 10,000 miles every oil change with mobile 1 but ive had it since it was new and always taken vary good care of it. If your oil is coal black or very dark brown id change it. Remember color doesn't not always imply the oil viscosity is still there so just check it often and use your besjudgmentnt!How often do you change diesel oil?Dodge recommends 15W40 motor oil that meets API Service CI-4/SH. Below Zero operation 5W40 synthetic is recommended.

For just normal everyday driving, change the oil and filter at 7500 mile intervals. Since diesels are not typically normal everyday drivers, but are designed for hard work, that schedule is cut in half.

Since no recommendation is made by Dodge for a 10,000 mile oil change, I wouldn't waste money on oil that supposedly lasts 10,000 miles when there are many brands that meet the specifications at half the price. Your 3000 mile interval is OK, as it falls within dealer recommendations.How often do you change diesel oil?The first thing I would do is get away from the Mobil 1 oil on your cummins. Every one I've owned I've ran Shell Rotella in with no problems and a 5-10K mile oil change interval. If you're doing strictly in-town driving, then 3-5K miles wouldnt be out of reason. As far as the color, and diesel with blowby will darken the oil almost immediately after a oil change. This is caused by exhaust gases entering the crankcase. The mobil 1 is not a bad oil to run in it, and I run it in all my gas engines, but for 11 qts of mobil 1, you can buy rotella a whole lot cheaper and it lasts just as good.How often do you change diesel oil?ya, anyone who says 3000 miles just wants your money. 6000 miles minimum. Synthetics can go 10-20k miles depending on conditions

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