Friday, June 3, 2011

How do i change oil on a 90 suzuki outboard?

i need to know how to change oil filter and should i use synthetic oilHow do i change oil on a 90 suzuki outboard?I have heard horror storeys of synthetic oil eating away at the seals and gaskets of older 4 stroke engines but you would think that a 4 stroke rev-ing at 6000rpm + could take advantage of the higher quality synthetic. I would go for it. To change your oil filter, you have to pull the engine cowl. Remove the pin from the latch and the 8 bolts on the starboard side of the mid section to separate the 2 haves. Now you can get to the oil filter.How do i change oil on a 90 suzuki outboard?Definitely use synthetic if you have a 4 stroke---Now the other question. I assume the motor is a 4 stroke. there are 2 ways to do it. Through the crank case plug under the motor. Less messy is to go through the same place you fill the oil--where the dipstick is and pump it up with a pump you will have to buy.

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