Friday, June 3, 2011

Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?

so i have seen how the do a oil change and change the oil filter i want to do it but can i messed it up??i have seen videos on youtube i think i cna do it but what if i brake somehting, its a 2003 dodge ram cna i brake somehtingCan i do an oil change myself without messing up?An oil change is one of the things every home mechanic should be able to do. You need the proper tools (don't think you can undo everything with pliers), a suitable container to drain the old oil into, and a sheet to catch the mess around the edges. Rubber gloves are a good idea. I do it after a run so the engine oil is warm and drains easily. Take off the filler cap to let air in easily, and unscrew the sump plug VERY slowly, so that you make sure you have got the collecting container in the right place. It's going to be hot oil coming out, so don't jump and drop the sump plug into the old oil. Be careful not to lose the washer on the plug. When the oil has finished draining, remember to put the sump plug back. The final thing to beware of is knocking the container of old oil before you close it. Getting the old oil filter off is easy with the proper wrench. Put a smear of oil on the rubber of the new filter before you screw it back in.

Have fun.Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?No. Oil changes are easy. Likely you'll make a small mess the first time, but you don't deal with easily breakable parts. Just go slow.Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?i've a 2002 ram pop the hood , remove the oil cap on the block, grab a 5/8 wrench, remove oil pan plug, then oil filter. make sure old rubber gasket is on old filter, take some oil and put on the rubber gasket on the new one and fasten you're in!Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?Yes.if u know what your doing i suggest calling your local mechanic and asking if your on the right path.Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?It's much easier to change the oil on American cars, but nevertheless it's always better to get it done professionally. I usually buy oil from a retailer (because it's cheaper) and then bring it to an auto shop, for example, Advanced Auto Service (pretty sure its nationwide). In the end they charge me about $12 for filter and service. Just make sure you buy the right oil before hand.Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?look up in your owners manuel for what type of filter and how much oil. or go to walmart and ask one of the people there in automotive to look up the filter type. drain the oil out of the pan into a bucket of some kind. make sure it holds at least 5 quarts. its better to drain the oil out when the oil is warm so take it for a short ride first, but not too far cause it can get real hot to the touch.take off oil filler cap after draining the oil out, you might need a filter wrench that fits your size filter. after doing that put a little bead of NEW oil on the rubber gasket, hand tighten, then fill with oil prob 5 qts. after that start truck for one min. looking for leaks, check level of oil and add if needed, no you can*t hurt anything unless you don*t do it the way I said. GOOD LUCKCan i do an oil change myself without messing up?Read a manual, it is so too simple.Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?Its not worth it! If you really want to save money then, you can check out for downloading free coupons for oil change, tires, transmission and over 30 other services!Can i do an oil change myself without messing up?Without messing up ,Yes.

Without making a mess ,probably not.

You will need a large tub to collect the used oil, a wrench to remove the drain plug, a filter wrench, some filters can be removed by hand,

and enuff plastic jugs to transport the used oil to an auto parts store for recycling about 5 quarts.

It's kind of fun but messy for average doers. Cat litter can be used to absorb the spilt oil, spread it out, let it sit for a hour and sweep it up and discard.

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