Friday, June 3, 2011

Oil change from hell?

I have a 2000 Toyota 4runner. The oil filter is in a rediculous spot. Toyota obviously did this on purpose so you have to go to the dealership to change the oil. Ive been back and forth from autozone 7 times today to try every oil filter wrench there is. Nothing will work because there is no room to turn any kind of tool, and the ratchet one doesn't work either because it props the extension up on an angle and a ratchet wont work either. I cant even puncture with a screw driver because there is no play to turn it. This is pure craziness and Ive never seen anything like this after changing oil for 20 years. I'm just gonna waste my new synthetic oil and put it in without changing the filter and take it to the mechanic in a few weeks. I dont even see how a mechanic can do it unless you remove the alternator or disassemble skid plate and other parts.Oil change from hell?toyota has a better idea!Oil change from hell?go to Sears buy you a strap wrench this will solve your problem .

you don't need a lot of room with this .Oil change from hell?HMMM sounds familure. I have a 2008 Toyota tundra, The worst designed oil filter locatation ive ever seen! Tried to change it myself and well forget about that! Tried the quick lube places and nobody has the tools, The only place i can take it to is the Dealership..What a scam!Oil change from hell?you may have to take the skid plate off, get a haynes repair manual it will give you the directions.

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