Friday, June 3, 2011

Oil filter change - paper type?

I've been serving my old car myself with the 'can' type oil filters with no problem, but ive noticed that on my new car, a 2003 1.7 CDTI Civic, that the replacement oil filter is just the paper element. How would I go about changing it, is it much different to 'normal' filters where you simply screw off the oil can, and put on a new?Oil filter change - paper type?well most every oil filter is paper type on inside or something like paper anyways always been like that shouldnt have no problem getting a oil filter any parts store fram like top brand nowOil filter change - paper type?You remove the metal cannister ,remove the paper element clean the cannister,dig out the rubber seal in the housing that is on the engine,fit new new paper element into cannister,carefully locate cannister into seal apparture and tighten boltOil filter change - paper type?the cartridge costs more for you, but costs less to make.. go figure

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