Friday, June 3, 2011

How to change the oil on a 05 chevy cobalt?

I know how to change the oil on my car, but I do not know how to do it to change the oil filter. It seems easy but because it is just a filter I have never changed one like that before. I am used to the old school filter. So I just need to know how to properly change it so I will not have to go to a mechanic and charge me 10 dollars for something I can do myself.How to change the oil on a 05 chevy cobalt?15mm wrench for the drain bolt

1 1/4 in socket for the filter cap

the new filter just clips on to the the cap so just pull it off, then clip the new one on and tighten

napa sells a special socket for the ecotec filters but a standard socket works just as well

fill it with 5 quarts of the oil you wish to useHow to change the oil on a 05 chevy cobalt?Unfortunately, I don't know where the filter is located on a Chevy Cobalt.

But, if you are wanting to deal with servicing the car yourself, it will be to you benefit to obtain a service manual for the car.

It's best to find the factory manual but a manual published by Chilton's or Haynes will suffice.

As for the filter, seeing the picture of it myself, I can understand your concerns. It is not like the %26quot;old school%26quot; filters at all, but more like a filter that is used in, say, an Audi 4.2L V8, but only smaller.How to change the oil on a 05 chevy cobalt?it should just screw off with a filter wrench, then screw the new 1 back on, hand tighten only.

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