Friday, June 3, 2011

How do you get access to the oil filter on a 2002 Ford Focus?

I see no point of access for removal of the oil filter from overhead..Will the car have to be on a hoist to change the oil filter?..I've never seen such an inaccessible filter in my life !!How do you get access to the oil filter on a 2002 Ford Focus?You will need the following tools

A jack (Preferably a 2 - 4 ton)

2 Jack stands (at least 1 ton each)

An oil filter loosen-er (You will need to find one that fits your oil filter)

5 quarts of the oil you need (most likely 5W-30 for a 4-Cylinder)

and an Oil Filter (Part no. HP-1002) %26lt;== From

You will need to find a solid point under the car to jack on, Preferably in the center of the from wheels. PLace the jack stands under the car somewhere right behind the wheels on the frame. Before you late the jack completely down, rest the car on the jack stands and bump the car a few time gently to make sure it is stable. Then remove the jack stand and go under the car and with an oil pan, drain the oil out via the oil plug on the oil pan, Then plug it back. Remove the filter with the tool. Then you put a little bit of oil in the new filter, About half way, Then you put it on and tighten it (NOTE: only FINGER TIGHTEN the oil filter, tighten it as much as you possibly can using your hand only. Then once everything it plugged back up, Fill the car with oil from the spicket under the hood. (should use all 5 quarts). After it is full and you put the dipstick/cap back on, start your car and then wait for the oil light to turn off. it will only be on for a few seconds. then check for leaks. Put you car back on the ground and enjoy. =)How do you get access to the oil filter on a 2002 Ford Focus?it comes out from underneath the car. jack it up.

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