Thursday, November 25, 2010

When to change oil filter?

I am about to change my car's oil and was wondering how often should i change the oil filter.

I know for oil its every 3k miles. But what about the filter?

I have a dodge caravan 1994.When to change oil filter?depending on how you drive(long or short trips)and how heavy etc will change the frequency recommended by the manufacturer,but a good rule is the 3000miles/5000km for the oil and most people say to change the filter every second time but for the sake of about $5-$10 I would replace it every time I changed the oil.don't forget to use a quality oil as cheaper oils don't offer the same protection qualitiesWhen to change oil filter?every oil change. because the filter filters out deposits and if u put clean oil back in with a dirty filter then the filter contaminates the clean oil almost defeatin the purpose good luck and don't forget to smere a little oil around the filter seal to help it seal better.When to change oil filter?every oil change u change the oil and filter...and u check the air filter every other oil change.....and u change the trans fluid every 50k miles or so....and u grease the fittings once a year......

buy a repair manual...preferably a haynes and follow the maintenance scheduleWhen to change oil filter?yes why not change it with the oil at the same time.

reason being is that there is a lot of oil left in the oilfilter and all this is very black and has deposits left in it.

and they are not that expensive anyway.When to change oil filter?I too thought oil changes at 3000 miles, and I know no new oil without new filter. After some surfing for truths about oil I found the following site, it is interesting reading.

www.motoroilbible.comWhen to change oil filter?change it everytime you change the oil. if you don,t then all your doing is leaving a quart of dirty oil in the engine.When to change oil filter?Everytime you change the oil. They usually have the special at Advance auto parts $13 for 5 qts and a filter.When to change oil filter?Change the filter EVERY time you change the oil.When to change oil filter?Should change it every time you change oil.When to change oil filter?every time u change u oilWhen to change oil filter?you simply DONT change oil without a new filter end of story

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