Thursday, November 25, 2010

How can I change my oil filter?

I own a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero. I cant get the plastic cap off to change my oil filter. My oil filter is different then most filters so a oil filter wrench isnt going to work. I looked online all day yesterday and couldnt find anything on this part. I need to know either how to remove the plastic cap or where to find a replacement.How can I change my oil filter?It requires a 11/4%26quot; (32mm) SOCKET . You can find one on e-bay. Another good place to find one is at Harbor Freight tools. Either at one of their stores, or from their on line site. Sears, or at your local auto supply. Advance Auto parts loans these out (the one near me does). Some others do to. call around. If you like to do your own oil changes, it wouldn't be bad to have your own.How can I change my oil filter?A short 1 1/4%26quot; (one and one quarter inch) socket on an extension with a ratchet fits around that plastic intake manifold quite well. The paper filter pops right out of the cap. They also put nubs on the outside so some special filter tools will fit on it, im sure theres a gm %26quot;J%26quot; tool that they use at the dealerships.How can I change my oil filter?GM dealership, parts department. Ask for the special tool.How can I change my oil filter?If you can't use conventional tools you may have to destroy the filter as I have had to do. Use a long screwdriver, fix it on the rim of the filter at an angle, and hammer the end of the screwdriver until the filter rotates and comes off. Or, you can try piercing the filter with the same type screwdriver in one side and out the other ( I know, it's messy) and rotating the filter with the screwdriver (as I have also done).

It may pay this time to have a shop do it instead.How can I change my oil filter?j-hook tool

that's what you need - any auto store but a dealer ! ! ! ! !

Otherwise you can - stab a screwdriver through it and get it off that way.

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