Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to change oil filter in a 2008 Chevy colbalt?

If it is an Ecotec engine, the filter comes off at the top of the engine. If you are looking at the engine, it is in front of the cylinder head on the right side (driver's side) . You will need a socket to remove the filter cap. I think it is a 30mm.. not sure. When you buy a new filter be sure to replace the o-ring that is on the cap, it comes with the new filter. Good luuckHow to change oil filter in a 2008 Chevy colbalt?they just unscrew so go by a new oil filter and a oil filter wrench there are many types you can get i like a belt type but it just depends on where one is on car any parts store can help you pick a good one not high and great to have you can get how to by typing into search box how to change oil video

how to remove oil filter videoHow to change oil filter in a 2008 Chevy colbalt?Take off the old oil filter with a filter grip and replace the oil and filter with a new one P.S. your a DONKEY
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