Thursday, November 25, 2010

How do I change the oil filter on my 1981 Honda Hawk?

I recently purchased a 1981 Honda Hawk CB400T. It's buring al ittle oil and the clutch is shifting a little hard. I am going to take it in to get some stuff looked at but wanted to know how the heck I change the oil filter on it? I've already purchased an oil filter, just need to know where the old one is. No this isn't my first bike either.

ThanksHow do I change the oil filter on my 1981 Honda Hawk?The oil filter is in the square cover on the bottom of the crankcase.

Don't even think about removing the bolt, without a 6 point wrench!!!! The bolt is soft aluminum. Don't loosen it with a socket either. It can easily slip off.

The cover has 2 little tabs. They're to line up the cover when

re-assembling and to keep the cover from turning.

When you remove the filter, check for the washer. They like to stick to the filter.

Lube the o-rings of the new filter and screw it on to the oil filter bolt. Sometimes if you just push the filter on, the rubber breaks off the filter.

Lower CrankcaseHow do I change the oil filter on my 1981 Honda Hawk?Guardrail forgot to tell you about the spring between cover, washer and filter. Washer is usually missing but its a standard size used on all Honda's with paper element filter.

BTW its front right 'corner'

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