Thursday, November 25, 2010

How do you change an oil filter in a scion?

Oil filter is inverted in the scion. Do you have to empty oil from engine before removing filter? I changed oil last week, but didn't have right size filter wrench. Now I want to change the filter. Do I have to re-change the oil?How do you change an oil filter in a scion?No, you don't need to change the oil, unless you drove 2000+ miles in the last week ... The oil in the oil pan will not be affected by removing the oil filter, the engine needs to be running for the oil pump to push oil to the filter. The filter in your Scion holds less than 1/4 of a quart (including the oil in the line). After replacing the filter, start it until you see oil light on dash go out (check filter for leaks), turn it off - check oil level. A good rule of thumb to remember - always better to be a little low than a little over full (the crosshatched area on the dipstick is 1 qt) 1/4 qt shy is better than 1/4 qt over... But, you will hurt nothing by changing only the filter at this time. It is, however, better, to change both at same time in future...How do you change an oil filter in a scion?Ideally both oil and filter are changed concurrently, but it's not required. Oil filter will contain some old, dirty oil. As such, you want to change the filer when changing the oil; otherwise the dirty oil will escape from the filter and end up back in the engine.

The reason I say it's not required is because the oil amount in the filter is very low, so it will not do much harm. Also, some filters do not even have anti-drainback valves.

In your case, however, you may indeed need to flush the oil if the filter on your Scion is below the oil level in the oil bin, although this is rare. Do a visual check of your Scion to see if the filter is above or below the oil bin. If it's above, you're safe in changing the filter by itself.How do you change an oil filter in a scion?I would its like taking a shower without soap. Oil is cheaper than steel and why put a new filter on without changing the oilHow do you change an oil filter in a scion?i worked at a dealership. no you do not have to empty the oil pan first,also get one of those claw oil filter wrench, it works best.also when your done start the car and check the oil level you may have to add some for the new filter.
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