Thursday, November 25, 2010

Japanese 150cc Motorcycle oil change and filter how to?

I bought my bike 3 months ago and now it needs an oil change but I'm kind of mechanically inept. I need a step by step how to and also a link to where I could purchase a filter that would fit...although I'm still not sure if it has a filter...It is an air cooled engine if that is helpful...Japanese 150cc Motorcycle oil change and filter how to?Spaz,

how about the type of bike, like yamaha vstar 1100 2003 or the like.

all of them are different, however, you will basicly warm bike up for a few minutes (Not hot, just warm)

remove a drian plug and allow oil to drain into a pan (Not the floor)

remove oil filter cover and oil filter, tosss out old filter, put in new filter, re install oil drain plug, fill with x quarts of oil, start bikr=e for 3 minutes, shut off recheck oil level and wham, your done.
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