Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How many miles does a diesal car do?

I have a caviliar 1.7td just turned 130000 miles, very good runner, does smoke a little. Looked after %26amp; oil change, filter etc, how many miles would you expect to get from a diesal engine, it,s the izuz engine.Thank you PaulHow many miles does a diesal car do?300,000. at least. most american diesel engines are considered to be %26quot;broke in%26quot; at merely 150,000.How many miles does a diesal car do?Depends on your service and maintenance, and how you drive, the best which it will go a long way.How many miles does a diesal car do?They can run indefinitely, with proper maintenance. Change the timing belt on time. Read your owner's manual 4-5 times, esp the section on acceptable fluids and fuels. Use Lubro-Moly's %26quot;diesel purge%26quot; once or twice yearly to clean the injector pintels and piston heads. Use only oils that are recommended for use in diesel engines, not the local %26quot;bulk%26quot; oils provided by quicky lubes. Good Luck!!How many miles does a diesal car do?It depends on how much you are willing to do to keep it running - I had a works Isuzu Trooper that had over 1,000,000 miles on the clock - it was used day and night - had a few engine overhauls and several clutches, and a couple of gearboxs... but it's still going...
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