Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chrome oil filter?

Anybody know where I can find a chrome oil filter? I was told I need to change the oil every 300 miles. I've got a 2001 fatboy with 600 miles on it, so I figure it's about time for an oil change. And chrome is sweet. How much will this cost me?Chrome oil filter?napa sells oil filters that will fit hd's, and they also offer a chrome type. u just have to do a cross reference on their site, and btw, u dont need to change the oil every 300. i prefer to change it no later than 3000, preferably at about 2500 miles.Chrome oil filter?You can get a chrome oil filter for your HD right from the dealer. Personally, I use K%26amp;N brand oil filters (some models available in chrome), the best part is they have a 17mm nut built right onto the end for easy install/removal. Any bike shop will be able to get you one.Chrome oil filter?Right next to the Armor-All.Chrome oil filter?So you don't waste your money continuously buying high priced chrome oil filters - buy a %26quot;chrome oil filter cover%26quot;


Search for - %26quot;oil filter cover%26quot;

Contact them to cross reference which covers will fit your bike.Chrome oil filter?Yeah....right.

You don't need to change your filter with oil changes. It is just there for show. Harley uses 600 year old technology and they haven't figured out how to filter the oil. In fact, they rely on extreme engine vibration to distribute the oil. You should have spent half the money for a plastic 750cc jap bike and claim it is the fastest thing on the road.Chrome oil filter?yer cluelessChrome oil filter?You can get it from HD, either in store or online, for $9.25.Chrome oil filter?3000 miles with conventional oil. K%26amp;N has chrome filters

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